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Konektom ERP is a comprehensive software designed to understand and address the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical and food industries. It offers businesses advantages such as more efficient production processes, regulatory compliance, cost analysis, inventory management, quality control, and demand management.

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Prescription and Formula Management

 Konektom ERP effectively supports prescription and formula management, which is of critical importance for the pharmaceutical and food industry. It includes functions such as new formula development, formula management, sample management, and formula cost. Thus, businesses can effectively manage their content formulas and make their production processes more efficient.

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management holds significant importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Konektom ERP allows for automated tracking of inventories; it helps balance risks such as inventory shortages or excess inventory. With smart inventory management, businesses can optimize stock costs.

Meeting Future Demands

Konektom ERP, based on real-time data, allows for the analysis of incoming demands and assists businesses in proper inventory management. As a result, customer demands can be met accurately, the supply chain operates smoothly, and sales targets can be predicted correctly.

Product Cost Management

Konektom ERP is used to manage the factors affecting the cost of pharmaceutical production. Cost analysis is conducted through functions such as supply chain, raw material management, and database-driven production, enhancing efficiency. This way, businesses have the necessary data to reduce costs and make strategic decisions.

Compliance with Government

Regulations Konektom ERP is designed to monitor and manage regulatory compliance required for the pharmaceutical industry. Through features like quality management, formula management, and traceability, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

High-Level Quality

Konektom ERP supports quality control and management in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It effectively manages the processes of quality analysis and control of products. Quality compliance is ensured at every stage, ensuring products consistently maintain a high quality.

Protection of Confidentiality

Konektom ERP provides the necessary security measures to protect the confidentiality of formulations and compositions considered important trade secrets for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Operational Efficiency

Konektom ERP allows businesses to manage their corporate processes seamlessly. As a result, data sharing between different departments becomes easier, business processes operate more efficiently, and overall business performance improves.

Material Optimization

Konektom ERP enables the optimization of inventory management and material usage. It reduces waste, cuts down costs, and increases efficiency.

Production Process Flexibility

Konektom ERP provides the flexibility needed for pharmaceutical production processes. It enables optimization of production based on demand and enhances operational efficiency.

"We have implemented new applications with CENTRA to move our internal processes such as Inventory Management, SMS Portal, R&D Portal to digital platforms. We are currently continuing the technological transformation of terminal applications in field operations, which is an important pillar of our SAP systems."
IT Specialist
"Since we started using the extremely user-friendly Konektom ERP system, we have been able to better monitor our business processes, analyze our data more systematically and improve our decision-making processes. Thank you for your speed and professionalism in providing support whenever we have any problems with the system or need help."
Operation Manager
"We met our need for a software system to grow and develop our business with Konektom ERP, a personalized software system developed by Centra Software. Thanks to Konektom ERP, which plays an important role in optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency, we are accelerating the digital transformation of our company. Thanks to the Centra team's expertise and your sensitivity to our problems, our business management processes have become more organized and efficient. Thanks to Konektom ERP, we are able to make more accurate decisions, which contributes significantly to the accelerated growth of our business."
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