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Who We Are

Centra is a software company established in 2009. For its first 10 years, it provided software development services to various sectors and delivered IT solutions. Since 2017, Centra has shifted its focus to the pharmaceutical and food industry, developing customized software solutions for pharmaceutical and food manufacturers, contributing to the digital transformation processes of our country's chemical industry.

What do we do?
About Centra
What We Do

With our flagship product, Konektom ERP, we enable companies operating in the food and pharmaceutical industries to manage their processes in digital environments. We place importance on the development efforts of Konektom, which meets GMP and GLP standards. In line with our future projections, we continue our efforts in the areas of Virtual Reality, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial applications for Dark Factories.

About Centra
Our Working Principles

We prioritize understanding the specific needs of the industry and assisting our customers in optimizing their business processes by utilizing innovative and advanced technologies. With continuous improvement and innovation in our products and services, we ensure our customers gain a competitive advantage. Creating customized, reliable, user-friendly, and production-friendly software solutions is our signature.

Combine Your Uniqueness with Our Partnership, 
Become a Leader in Digital Transformation

We think differently. As your business partner, we create solutions tailored to you. For this, our passionate and humble employees delve deeply into your business, getting to know it intimately through their global expertise. We know that for the pharmaceutical and food industries, which have been slower to embrace digitalization, the only way to achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness through increased production efficiency is by digitizing their production and management systems.
"We have implemented new applications with CENTRA to move our internal processes such as Inventory Management, SMS Portal, R&D Portal to digital platforms. We are currently continuing the technological transformation of terminal applications in field operations, which is an important pillar of our SAP systems."
IT Specialist
"Since we started using the extremely user-friendly Konektom ERP system, we have been able to better monitor our business processes, analyze our data more systematically and improve our decision-making processes. Thank you for your speed and professionalism in providing support whenever we have any problems with the system or need help."
Operation Manager
"We met our need for a software system to grow and develop our business with Konektom ERP, a personalized software system developed by Centra Software. Thanks to Konektom ERP, which plays an important role in optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency, we are accelerating the digital transformation of our company. Thanks to the Centra team's expertise and your sensitivity to our problems, our business management processes have become more organized and efficient. Thanks to Konektom ERP, we are able to make more accurate decisions, which contributes significantly to the accelerated growth of our business."
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