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Konektom ERP
It is an end-to-end software solution tailored for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Covering business processes and customizable with the latest technologies, Konektom ERP, combined with Centra's expertise and experience, creates value by offering bespoke solutions to its customers.
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Customizable Structure
Productivity Centric
Customizable Structure
Konektom ERP
Konektom ERP elevates production processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Switch to Konektom ERP for quality production, regulatory compliance, and more. Manage your operations in an exhilarating manner.
Centra, as the center of advanced technology and innovation, is shaping the future with its boundless potential!
With our expert team in the field of information technology, we lead your business's digital transformation.
Our Services
Konektom ERP is a powerful companion in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It provides end-to-end governance for effective production planning, quality control, traceability, and GMP compliance.
EAM consolidates critical functions such as data analysis, failure prediction, inventory management, and preventive maintenance. It offers the opportunity to ensure production continuity, increase equipment efficiency, optimize maintenance costs, reduce costly downtimes, and contributes to ensuring work safety.
IoT and MES
IoT and MES create a smart and connected ecosystem in the universe of people, machines, and software. With secure IoT solutions, business challenges are overcome, setting up manufacturing volumes on a new horizon.
Big Data
Big Data opens the door to a data-driven world based on strategy and analysis, enhancing operational capabilities, providing a competitive advantage, and creating actionable insights.
LIMS simplifies many processes in laboratories such as sampling, sample management, planning of tests, and reporting of results. In addition, it provides user-friendly tools to monitor quality control processes and analyze laboratory data.
Digital Twin Project
In the pharmaceutical and food industry, advanced technology is becoming reality through virtual reality. We have completed our preparations for a real-time production journey that foresees the future. We can't wait for the tests.
Technology Consultancy
By strengthening the bond between tradition and innovation, we prepare your innovation roadmaps for your businesses at all demand levels in the digital transformation journey.
"We have implemented new applications with CENTRA to move our internal processes such as Inventory Management, SMS Portal, R&D Portal to digital platforms. We are currently continuing the technological transformation of terminal applications in field operations, which is an important pillar of our SAP systems."
IT Specialist
"Since we started using the extremely user-friendly Konektom ERP system, we have been able to better monitor our business processes, analyze our data more systematically and improve our decision-making processes. Thank you for your speed and professionalism in providing support whenever we have any problems with the system or need help."
Operation Manager
"We met our need for a software system to grow and develop our business with Konektom ERP, a personalized software system developed by Centra Software. Thanks to Konektom ERP, which plays an important role in optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency, we are accelerating the digital transformation of our company. Thanks to the Centra team's expertise and your sensitivity to our problems, our business management processes have become more organized and efficient. Thanks to Konektom ERP, we are able to make more accurate decisions, which contributes significantly to the accelerated growth of our business."
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